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Capture Every Lead

One scan unlocks valuable buyer data

What was once a laborious chore done by hand is now accomplished in an instant with a single, quick scan. In partnership with Showcare Event Solutions, High Point Market gives you the power to capture contact data on everyone who enters your showroom. Simply scan their passes and their contact information and a complete profile is stored for your future use. What’s more, all three lead retrieval solutions include the High Point Market Buyer List — contact information for every registered buyer at Market, whether they visited your showroom or not.

Exhibitors – In addition to your Lead Retrieval providing you with valuable “Lead Data” the buyers which were scanned at your Showroom will receive Post Show an email which contains a list of all the Showrooms they visited, along with the Company Profile, Website and Social Media Links. Buyers are now given the opportunity to follow up with Exhibiting Showrooms they visited!

Showlead Mobile Essential For Smartphone/Tablet (iOS/Android)

Scan passes right from your smartphone or tablet to conveniently capture comprehensive contact and demographic (sales volume, price point, business type) information for every buyer who enters your showroom. System includes 10 standard sales qualifiers that enable you to follow-up with your contacts within seconds. Prices vary according to number of licenses purchased. No additional equipment needed. Requires Internet connectivity to sync data.

Showroom Desktop Application

Designed specifically for the High Point Market exhibitor, this application includes robust, real-time reporting, and allows you to assign reps to each company for maximum efficiency in a busy showroom. Required Symbol Scanner equipment (DS6608 or DS6708) is easy to use, connects to your computer’s USB port. System may be rented or purchased from Showcare; one license required for each computer on which the system is installed.

Your sales representatives will no longer miss the opportunity to meet with prospective customers in your showroom. Scan the buyer and an instant SMS message notification will be sent to the sales representatives assigned to the territory. The message, including the company name and date/time of the scan, is sent within seconds after the buyer is scanned through the Showlead Desktop Application.

Showlead Showroom Handheld Pass Reader

Handheld and completely portable, this pass reader allows you to collect contact information from any point in your showroom, without being connected to a computer. The system includes 10 standard sales qualifiers so you can segment your customers quickly while you’re on the showroom floor. Optional custom qualifiers are available. After the show, robust reports give you a complete picture of your traffic and ongoing opportunities.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll receive the free Advance- and Post-Market Buyer List. The Advance List is sent one month prior to Market and the Post List is sent one month after Market; both include basic contact and demographic information in an easy-to-use download application. Email addresses are not included.

Many exhibitors find available optional equipment useful, as well. For those who desire paper receipts, Showlead Print is a quiet, wireless, portable thermal printer that connects to the Showlead Showroom Handheld Pass Reader by way of Bluetooth. An available USB Flash Drive lets you save leads quickly and simply with a super-portable device you can take home after the show. To qualify leads according to your needs and business processes, Custom Sales Qualifiers let you add up to 20 custom sales qualifiers to the 10 standard qualifiers that are included with Showlead Showroom Handheld; custom works with handheld scanner and desktop app, not the mobile phone app.

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