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In a dynamic, fast-moving environment like Market, the name of the game is awareness. High-visibility sponsorships are a terrific tactic for brands that want to stand apart from the crowd. A number of sponsorship vehicles exist. However, each is first-come, first-serve, so moving fast is key if you’re interested.

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Our marketing team at High Point Market Authority has deep experience in translating your goals into results-oriented exposure. We’re happy to partner up and customize a program that meets your objectives.

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Print / Promotions / Signage

Market Field Guide

Field Guide

This colorful brochure breaks Market down into eight downtown neighborhoods, detailing areas of interest and popular attractions for Market guests. Includes hotel shuttle route schedules, Go Anywhere shuttles, and Market map. Distributed at information booths, showrooms, hotels, and airport shuttles this brochure is highly utilized by all Market guests.

  • SOLD FOR FALL 2019

Street Signage

Print Street Sign

Includes Downtown Showroom District Street Maps & Downtown Shuttle Map Sign

EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITY! High visibility on the official High Point Market street map. The High Point Market Authority installs a large format Market map in five strategic locations in the showroom district: Showplace, Hamilton/Wrenn, Suites at Market Square entrance, Hamilton & Russell, and Commerce & Main. Downtown Shuttle Map signs are posted at 29 stops throughout the Market district on the green and red lines running a continuous loop throughout the Market.

  • SOLD FOR FALL 2019

Market Bag Distribution

Print Bags

Distribute your Market bag or co-brand a bag with the High Point Market and get highly-visible, Market-wide distribution including: Market information booths, hotel shuttles, the International Buyers Center and MediaLink.

  • SOLD FOR FALL 2019

Registration Market Pass

Print Pass

Market passes are sent to all Market attendees as they register. Printed on a perforated 4/color sheet 8.5 x 11.

  • SOLD FOR FALL 2019

Email / Online Marketing

Confirmation Email Banners

Online Email

Digital communications are a highly effective and low cost vehicle for reaching the Market’s target audiences. The High Point Market sends regular email communications to over 35,000 domestic and international retailers and designers.

  • SOLD FOR FALL 2019

Instagram Post

Online Instagram

Promote your product images and showroom location on the official High Point Market Instagram page to over 144,000 followers. Posting options include 1-60 days before Market, during Market, and 1-30 days after Market. Images must include products or events that will be at High Point Market. Limited availability, first-come first-served.

  • Deadline: 9/27
  • Cost: $750 per post


Downtown Shuttles

Trans Shuttle

The Downtown Showroom Shuttles provide Market guests with free, continuous transit in the central Market district. Their high visibility in the downtown showroom district virtually guarantees that everyone at Market will see your company’s message multiple times, whether they utilize the shuttle system or not.
Sponsorship offered: Vehicle signage for four buses with your company’s customized message.

Hours of Operation
Friday, October 18 — Tuesday, October 22, 7:30am – 8pm
Wednesday, October23, 7:30am - 6pm

  • Deadline: 8/21
  • Cost: $32,000

Go Anywhere Vans

Trans Go Anywhere

Market guests use our free Go Anywhere service to reach any destination within a 6-mile radius of the Transportation Terminal that is not served by our Downtown Shuttles. These vehicles blanket the Market district, thereby guaranteeing that your message will be seen throughout the High Point area.
Sponsorship offered: Vehicle signage for 16 vans with your company’s customized message.

Hours of Operation
Friday, October 18 — Tuesday, October 22, 7:30am – 8pm
Wednesday, October 23, 7:30am - 6pm

  • Deadline: 8/21
  • Cost: $32,000

Showroom Shuttle Stops Map

Showroom Shuttle Stops

With an average ridership of 36,000 people each Market the seven Red and Green Line Shuttle Buses display a complete showroom shuttle stop map of the downtown district. This exclusive sponsorship opportunity places your company logo or designed graphic on the map for viewing by all Market riders.

Hours of Operation
Friday, October 18 — Tuesday, October 22, 7:30am – 8pm
Wednesday, October 23, 7:30am - 6pm

  • SOLD FOR FALL 2019

Events / Programs

Concerts, VIP Lounge, and Events

Events Stars

The High Point Market offers sponsorship opportunities for concerts and special events. This venue lets Market-goers relax in between and after a busy day. This is your opportunity to get in front of your best buyers with a live concert or special event including food and bar with exclusive opportunities such as a VIP Lounge, meet & greet, and multiple ways to customize, making this a VIP branding opportunity.


  • SOLD FOR FALL 2019

International Buyers Center / MediaLink

International Buyers Center

This active venue is home to the working press and all international buyers during Market week. Located in the High Point Theatre this space offers a comfortable environment to recharge between showroom visits. This sponsorship is an excellent choice for exhibitors who wish to strengthen relationships with these important Market populations.

International Buyers Center

  • Giveaway
  • Product placement in center
  • Signage
  • SOLD FOR FALL 2019


  • Signage
  • Press gift
  • Press kit mailing
  • Deadline: 8/21
  • Cost: $10,000

Design Bloggers Tour

Through this exclusive sponsorship you can bring 10 top-quality, hand-picked bloggers into your showroom for a presentation and tour. Organized by Esteem Media, this program will provide sponsoring exhibitors with an opportunity to gain valuable exposure as the bloggers post to their social media channels and blogs. Sponsors will have multiple opportunities for online and on-site exposure, including a guaranteed mention by each of the ten bloggers and logo placement on, which receives thousands of visits each day during peak Market times. One cocktail reception sponsorship is also available, allowing for extended exposure to the blogger team and other special guests. Limited availability, first come first served.

Limited Availability

  • Deadline: 8/21
  • Cost: $4,500 - $7,500


Market Hospitality

Positioned at the Transportation Terminal our hospitality sponsorship gives your brand an opportunity to offer welcome snacks and other beverages first thing in the morning. The perfect fit for a company that needs to reach multiple industry audiences. Some restrictions apply.

  • SOLD FOR FALL 2019

Sponsorship Opportunities and Specifications

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Market Field Guide, Downtown Showroom District Street Maps, Downtown Shuttle Stop Signage, Downtown Shuttles, Go Anywhere Van, Registration Market Pass, Email Banners, Instagram Post, PDF Specs for both Print and Digital Publications.


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