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The Official High Point Market App

Technology that leads buyers right to your showroom

Since its introduction, the High Point Market app has become a hugely popular tool for Market visitors in general and especially for buyers who thrive on efficiency. The app offers a number of useful functions like tips and insights on travel planning, future show dates, maps and showroom locations, as well as events. But buyers’ favorite feature by far is the ability to create a personal MyMarket plan that organizes all the showrooms they wish to visit, the showrooms’ locations on the map, their appointment schedules and the events they wish to attend.

Once the user has entered the showrooms they wish to visit into the app, they need only select the showroom’s icon on the street map, tap “Navigate to the Showroom,” and the app takes over, guiding the user directly to the building. All 180 buildings within High Point Market are included in the app.

Users have a number of ways to locate exhibitors with the app. To find a specific showroom, users can key the exhibitor’s name, address, or showroom number into the search screen. They can also browse by Exhibitor Name by scrolling and using the alphabetical index along the right hand side, as many are accustomed to doing in the Apple Music app. Users who don’t know the exhibitor’s name or who are merely browsing typically use the Exhibitor Filters, which can show all exhibitors in a product category, style, or price point. They can search special options like Container-Only, Green, Made in USA, Designer-Friendly, Contract/Hospitality, and more. Plus, they can search by building or company country of origin. This search data is pulled from your Exhibitor Profile. Which is another powerful reason to make your Profile as thorough and complete as possible.

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