Increase Your Visibility

At High Point Market

Virtual Showroom Tours

Use your Exhibitor Profile to bring buyers into your showroom all year

Let buyers preview your showroom before Market, review it after they get home, or just take a look whenever they’d like. Take a look at the example below to see how to make this exciting new technology work for you.

Embedded into your Exhibitor Profile, your virtual tour is presented to buyers while they’re making their lists of showrooms to shop. Plus, we’ve added a special icon to let buyers know your profile includes a tour. Here’s how it works.

Create your virtual Tour

Visit one of our supported platforms, Matterport or Kuula, to create your virtual tour. Free accounts are available, or you can upgrade to a paid account to enjoy more features. These service providers work with a number of area professionals to create high-quality scans that will work with their platform. Just visit the Matterport or Kuula websites to create an account and get started.

Update your Exhibitor Profile

Once your virtual tour has been created, the link to your virtual tour can be added to your Exhibitor Profile, as well as on your own website. Simply copy and paste the link to your tour into your Exhibitor Profile under the “Tour” tab, and add a brief description telling buyers what they’ll see.

Your tour will automatically appear in your Exhibitor profile and listing

After you’ve added the link to your tour, buyers will see a “Virtual Tours” tab when they visit your Profile. Your virtual tour will be displayed, and can be viewed, right from your profile.

Plus, we will include a “360°” icon on our Search Results page for all exhibitors who have added a virtual tour to their Profile. Buyers will know at a glance that they can enjoy a richer, more informative experience with an exhibitor who displays this icon.

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